"Synthetic biology is a field in biotechnology in which cells and parts of the genome are viewed as building blocks. Using these parts, researchers are trying to build new living systems."
-Helsinki Times 25.4.2014


iGEM or International Genetically Engineered Machine) is an international synthetic biology competition, which has it's 10-year anniversary this year. We are the first ever Finnish iGEM-team. Link to official iGEM web page.

Oskari, Minttu and Martina browsing the BioBrick database in the lab.

Our objectives

Our objectives are:

  1. Student-driven applied research
  2. Improving the knowledge in synthetic biology
  3. Promoting interdisclipinary and cross-university student cooperation
  4. Opening international networking, cooperation and competition opportunities
  5. Promoting synthetic biology as a science
  6. Improving research and business opportunities among students

The project

Our goal is to develop a system which allows us to control bacterial gene expression with a remote controller. Our device could be used in bioreactors, making prototyping and multi-phase production chains faster, easier and more profitable. We’re making a proof-of-concept controller prototype for research teams, but it can be further scaled up for industrial purposes, such as medical chemical industry.

Currently we are working both inside and outside of the lab. Our research plan is complete and our research has started. You can follow our work via Twitter and our blog.