We are the first ever Finnish iGEM-team and we are doing groundbreaking work to improve the top level expertise in our country. Our nine team members are under 24-year-old students from University of Helsinki and Aalto University. We are an multidisclipinary group and all of us are interested in synthetic biology and the possibilities it offers. In our team we have expertise in bioinformatics, molecular biosciences, mathematics, physics, computer science, genetics, systems sciences, food technology, chemistry, product development, bioprocess technology, bionics, industrial management, biotechnology and electrical engineering.


Minttu Salmela

Aalto University

A third year student of chemical engineering, with a major in food technology. Her strengths include lab work and general biochemistry. She's especially interested in medicine and health applications.


Laura Laakso

University of Helsinki

A third year student of molecular biosciences interested in genetics and bioinformatics with a minor in computer science. Art has also been an important part of her life.


Martina Ikonen

Aalto University

A third year student majoring in food techonology in the chemical engineering degree program. She has bachelor's thesis on Biobrick and she's very excited in using them in practice. She's interested in applications in the environment, nutrition and medicine.


Niklas Itänen

University of Helsinki

A second year student in theoretical physics and mathematics. Interested in mathematical applications in physics and biology as well as number theory and mathematical analysis.


Lassi Vapaakallio

University of Helsinki

A second year computer science student, who also had time to study biotech for two years. Especially interested in bioinformatics and programming tools for the team, but also has the necessary skills for handling a micropipette.


Mikko Laine

Aalto University

Mikko is a fifth year student in chemical engineering and jack of all trades, majoring in bioprocess technology and minoring in industrial management. He's interested in biochemistry, gene technology and bioinformation as well as communication and influencing.


Otto Lamminpää

University of Helsinki

A second year physics student with love for mathematics as well as chemistry. Applying mathematics to biology and mathematical modeling are of great interest.


Oskari Vinko

Aalto University
University of Helsinki

A third year student in engineering physics and mathematics and a second year student in molecular biosciences. Oskari dreams of a career as a gene engineer and aims to combine computational methods, mathematics and biology.

Pietu Roisko

Aalto University

Pietu is a second year student in the School of Electrical Engineering, with a major in bionics and minor in product development. Specializing in medical technology. He also has skills and enthusiasm for fundraising and marketing.